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Russ Scalzo and The Hallmarks - Smash Records
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Russ Scalzo is a Christian novelist and musician. In the 1960s and '70s, Russ was the frontman for The Hallmarks, a band popular along the Jersey Shore. At age 17, he wrote Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally and signed a record contract with Mercury Records. The song was debuted on Dick Clark's American Bandstand on October 7, 1967. Russ and the band's future was suddenly and dramatically changed when mentor, friend, and record producer Tommy Falcone tragically passed away in February of 1970. Russ had written 12 songs for a new album that unfortunately never saw the light of day. In a crazy twist of events, nearly 50 years later, the band's Album Paper Sky was released on August 17, 2018.

After a dramatic life-changing experience with Jesus Christ, Russ went from performing in bars and clubs in the early '70s to ministering in churches and touring the U.S. and Canada with his Christian band, Saved By Grace. He has written too many songs to count, including music for six original musicals. He is the co-founder and president of a non-profit Christian theater company based in New Jersey, Lighthouse Stage Productions. Russ is an elder in his church and over the years has served as a worship leader, bible teacher, and Elder. 

His new series Hidden Thrones is inspired by many of his personal experiences with the Lord. Russ believes understanding the spiritual world around us is vital to our success as followers of Christ.  In 1994 Russ and Steve Mamchak united their expertise and talents to write a Series on the 'End Times', hitting at the essence of our lives now and during the time that may soon be upon us. Russ is a frequent lecturer in Biblical Prophecy and brings a lifetime of technical expertise to a story he believes may well be the substance of tomorrow's headlines. His podcast"Chronicles of the End Times" can be heard weekly on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and many other podcast channels. Russ currently resides with his wife, Gail, of fifty years. He has three beautiful daughters and is a grandfather of five.

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