Follow Jack Bennett in this five part series as he battles the realm of Hidden Thrones. 

"Hidden Thrones" by Russ Scalzo

Jack Bennett has an unusual gift. His coveted ability means he is the FBI’s newest hire, serving as a consultant for their new Paranormal Division. 

The government is convinced we are not alone in this world. With invisible forces all around, agencies are seeking how to harness that power for their own uses. The mystery swirling around the unseen and unknown has caused much speculation. Some suppose lost souls are wandering the earth, others believe deceased loved ones never truly moved on, and still there are those who are convinced that aliens have infiltrated our world. 

Jack Bennett knows better. He knows who and what these powers are. The ancient scriptures talk about a great evil that was conceived in the depths of eternity. There, a great war occurred in a place called Heaven. Lucifer, the ancient serpent, the evil dragon of folklore, was cast out and bound to the earth and confined to its surrounding atmosphere. 

Could it be that the evil we see is inspired by a dark kingdom, a demonic spiritual force at war with the human race? Could these princes and rulers of darkness be influencing our world today? Jack Bennett knows this is the truth. He knows because he encounters them every day.

"Open Warfare" book 2 in the Hidden Thrones series by Russ Scalzo

Jack Bennett and Frank Lederman find themselves in the middle of not only a spiritual battle, but a physical one, as they continue to dig for facts in their attempt to thwart demonic forces from taking over the country. Will Emily’s new identity be revealed? Will her mission be in jeopardy? It has become evident to all of them, that they have become the hunted instead of the hunters. Dante Adal and the Sons of Nimrod set their sights on the White House and the elimination of Jack, Frank and Emily.

"Open Warfare" book 2 in the Hidden Thrones series by Russ Scalzo

Danielle was still shaking. Her mind raced trying to process all that had just taken place. She was a laid back Virginia girl and had never seen anyone get shot before, let alone die in front of her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She had finally met a man she really liked and then all hell breaks loose. Her thoughts and prayers were with Frank, of course, but she couldn’t get the image of Emily killing Grigori out of her head. She assumed Emily was some kind of undercover cop or FBI agent, but she wasn’t sure and she desperately needed to know. Here she was riding in the back seat of a car with two people she barely knew, racing to a hospital in hopes that the man she had met today, the man she kissed just hours ago, would live to see another day. In Hidden Thrones, Book Three: Face to Face, activity in supernatural world continues to stir, as Senator Wellsenburg, guided by the dark council of Dante Adal, takes one step closer to the White House. Despite the fiery darts of the enemy Jack and Emily discover new depths of their love for each other, while Danielle becomes not only part of Frank’s life, but a big part of this unique band of warriors.

"Open Warfare" book 2 in the Hidden Thrones series by Russ Scalzo

Jack and his fellow warriors are up against a growing demonic incursion. Dante is gaining ground in D.C. and, on top of it all, there may be a traitor lurking in the shadows. Miracles are, however, on the rise as Conni and Grace lead the expanding prayer groups into battle. Meanwhile, the Mossad calls on Emily, leaving her with the decision of whether or not she is willing to accept what has the potential to be a very dangerous mission.

On the Edge of Time series involves the human heart’s earnest search for Heaven in the midst of Hell come to Earth.

"On the Edge of Time" Part One by Russ Scalzo & Steve Mamchak
"On the Edge of Time" Part Two by Russ Scalzo & Steve Mamchak

It is two weeks after millions of people have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Like millions of others, Jerry Westfield, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, is upset and perplexed at that loss, particularly since it took his best friends, Jeremy and Kathy Palmer. His personal concerns must be set aside, however, when the international situation frantically signals the immanent destruction of the state of Israel. It is there that Jerry is sent to cover the story of his journalistic career and is reunited with Jacob Klausman, a ‘retired’ member of the Mossad, Israel’s secret service. It is also there that he will meet with a cataclysmic series of monsters and miracles, including Ruth, the woman who will change his mind about marriage, and the charismatic Demetrius Strapollos, who soon is hailed as the ‘Messiah’ that will rescue Israel and restore her former glory.

This quick-moving tale of suspense and power on a cosmic scale is intricately detailed and researched, providing the reader with insights into international politics, Biblical prophecy, the darkness of the human heart, and the challenge of faith in the face of disillusionment and pain. As current as this morning’s newspaper, this book will challenge the reader’s belief system, introduce him/her to the intricate world of international intrigue, and insure that the reader will never look at the Mid-East situation in quite the same light ever again.

The world of the supernatural is exposed and darkness has gripped the earth. All of creation is crying out for its Creator as Demetrius Strapollos tightens his reign of terror. In the stone city of Petra, Jerry, Jacob and their families seek protection, along with hundreds of thousands of their fellow Jews. The two prophets continue to proclaim the coming of the Lord Jesus as Strapollos and his prophet Eissen seek ways to kill them. Meanwhile, a young boy appears on the scene with some very large and powerful new friends and a battle looms in the distance as a mighty army from the East gathers to challenge the kingdom of Strapollos. Through it all, Jerry and Jacob continue their fight against the forces of evil as they patiently await the coming of the true Messiah.

"On the Edge of Time" Part Two by Russ Scalzo & Steve Mamchak

Most of us are aware that there have been millions of books written by hundreds of authors on the last days and the rapture of the church, many with varied views and opinions as to dates and times. Some question the very existence of such an event as the rapture. Is it real or just some Christian fantasy?  Is the term "rapture" even in the Bible? In this study we look into the heart of God for the answer.

"On the Edge of Time" Part Two by Russ Scalzo & Steve Mamchak

In this 60 page overview of Bible prophecy, Russ Scalzo, author of On the Edge of Time and the Hidden Thrones series, discusses how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in the day in which we live.  Some of the chapters include, "ISIS and the Arab World," "Antichrist: Jew or Gentile," "The Next Great War," and "The Coming Cashless Society."