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Many Crowns book 6 Release


I am happy to announce book 6 of the Hidden Thrones series is available on Amazon.

The saga continues for Jack, Emily, Frank, and Danielle. New players join the battle with many twists and turns. President Wellsenburg continues to tighten his grip on religious liberties. Despite the impending darkness, miracles abound. The battle rages in the spirit world as well as the natural.

Strapollos' meteoric rise in Europe begins to influence the rest of the world. Jack and his band of believers find a new home. Violent changes rock the world as the time of Christ's appearance draws near.

I hope Many Crowns will encourage and build your faith in these troubling times. Hidden Thrones is not merely another story but a prophetic look into the present and the very near future.

God bless, Stay well and keep looking up. The King is coming.


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