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A singer/songwriter, full-time author, and frequent lecturer in Biblical Prophecy, Russ brings a lifetime of technical expertise to a story he believes may very well be the substance of tomorrow's headlines. 
HIDDEN THRONES 1,200 REVIEWS features Jack Bennett, a consultant for the FBI's new paranormal division. Jack has an unusual gift that pits him against powerful dark forces that threaten to take over planet Earth. In this series, the author reveals the link between spiritual warfare and paranormal activity.

ON THE EDGE OF TIME, Beginning of Sorrows and Sorrows End 
are two captivating books that continue the story of Hidden Thrones. They are both biblical and dramatically powerful, hitting at the essence of our lives now and at a time that may
soon be upon us.

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W O W!

"Where's the next chapter? Come on... A good read and excellent story. I can't wait to read the next book. I'm hooked!"


"Exciting and thought-provoking. The various back stories made impossible to put it down. I still can't get over one of the plot twists."


"Amazing book, so biblically accurate. These books have not simply occupied my time, but they have helped me grow spiritually. I simply cannot wait for book two!"


"What a treasure this author is! If you are a Bible-believing Jesus Christ lover and you happen to follow politics, you know we are living in the End Times. This author manages to give us the facts along with a dynamite fiction story. Get these books, read them and bathe in the knowledge that we know how it all ends - we win! Praise you Jesus!"

"Such a good book!! Loved it! Easy to read. Great building with twists and turns and a jaw dropper ending! Looking for Volume two!"


"I always love to read books that are packed with Truth presented through characters that you grow to "know"

and love as the adventure develops. "On The Edge of Time" is one of the best I have read, and I do read many. Taking up the book alongside the Book of Revelation, the reader will certainly gain insight into how these things are directly corresponding to today's headlines. This is Book One, and I look forward to reading the next one!"

"The view of 'end of days' by a famous reporter and his friends. The number one reason for such high stars is that it compels me to turn the page. I used the prime library to download this for free. I bought the second book because liked it so much. Nice strong characters. A good read for any 'end of times' readers."

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On the Edge of Time involves the human heart’s earnest search for heaven in the midst of Hell come to Earth.

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